a rop through my mind....
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2002-06-11 14:39:48 (UTC)

i have a real live job

yup, i'm still alive, but the only differance is now i'm
working for a large engineering/enviornmental testing firm
as an assistant to the asbestos inspectors at the local
arsenal. it's not bad, and wandering around an arsenal is
kinda fun, and i get to poke around and it's
ok :)'s a good job for curious people.

incidently, i put the link back in my profile and will try
to keep updating....

oh, and July 6th, big party out here for mine and gabe's
21st with andy for his 22nd, so come out if it's at all
possable, you know how to contact me, (yes even im works),
it's gonna be fun so come....

not to much else new, working from 7-2 or 3 monday-friday,
but it's all good.....

yeah, so that's all the new stuff for now, oh, i'll be in
nh this weekend (friday-day through sunday early afternoon)