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2002-06-11 14:07:06 (UTC)

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The pros and cons of Quality Haulage. 6/8/2002
Showing feelings, showing feelings, all most feelings of an
almost human nature.

Ah, why are we so preoccupied with the little things in
life? Why do we wax lyrical on very minor unimportant

Yes, well today’s exam was Planning & Controlling Logistics
an early start at 9:30, which meant I woke at 5:56. Well I
enjoyed it; give me essay questions any day. I knew too
much on the history of Conference Lines for my own good. So
yeah hopefully I shall pass this one especially since I
included target references to Maersk the lecturers old
company. Seat 53 today.

After exam I descend in the bomb proof lift out onto
Campus. Richard and me then went off bashing first up on a
Trident on 6 to Solihull, which took a diversion, which was
nice. After looking for some place to eat in Solihull we
braved a Chinese take away, obviously Solihull is far to up
market for a Chippy. We then looked around the Touchwood
shopping centre briefly before we boarded our target. We
did a 4 to Shirley and a 69 back to Solihull so that we
could get on some real quality haulage. Claribels had there
Cateano Dart out which is very rare, so we bashed it,
quality haulage. Got off at Chelmsley Wood and were tempted
by a Pete's Citybus on 97. Richards’s first experience of
Claribels and Pete's. Then did the 22 to Kitwell because
while waiting for a Spectra on the Hagley Road we bumped
into Martin & Gareth who were off for a stroll.

Got off 22 and walked to Woodgate for the 23. More quality
haulage in the form of "R2" Scotland’s first low floor
double Decker. 79 to Wolves and 256 to Stourbridge. Ah,
Stourbridge the mini-mosher capital of the West Midlands.
Every time I'm at the bus station there is always some mini-
moshers about. To top it all I got even more quality
haulage on the 9- a Spectra, great. So all in all today’s
bash consisted of Tridents and Spectra’s, I couldn't have
wished for any more quality haulage.

So bashing aside I haven't done much else but it was good
to get out and have a ride around. This evening joined
Martin & Gareth in the pub where I was told that they went
on a canal trip with Ash and "Our Lass". That’s all really.

However Richard got me thinking as he was telling me about
recent women he had met such as a Cardiff based poet called
Octivia. I should start, maybe having a crush on someone or
just generally looking around and seeing what’s on show.
Normally I don't bother due to the pessimism I have on this
subject. But yeah whilst I was in Tesco's I was sub-
consciously looking, agh. So I've decided to have a crush
on Belinda the elfin beauty from GIS, she can now all
confuse my feelings at her pleasure.

So more tedium for today especially the bashing but hey it
was good to finally get out the flat and off campus and
sample some quality haulage. Good night, have fun.

Jeremy Clarkson what a guy: 9/6/02

I'm feeling rather despondent today. I hate Sundays. Had a
lie in due to the erratic hours of late. Then went out for
lunch down the Guild "Our Lass" joining us. It was raining,
horrid. So walked down to New St did the usual pay point
scam to pick up The Observer and The Times for £1.05 rather
than £2.40. Spent a while reading them, one day I shall
read every word instead of just randomly reading bits that
attract me, which isn't a lot. To cheer myself up I
bought "Greatest Hits" by Fleetwood Mac the original line
up before they went all 70's popish. It is Fleetwood Mac at
their Blues best. Whilst on the subject of "The Mac" the
album cover on rumours is one of my faves. My room needs a
good clean especially since I spilt Bran Flakes everywhere.
The rain has now gone and its started to brighten up, if I
didn't have an exam on "Introduction to Logistics" tomorrow
I would've gone out on one of my leisurely Sunday afternoon
bashes to Leamington on the 12. Once I've got my Travelcard
this will become a more regular fixture. No revision done
today, no surprises there. Generally feeling rather shi77y.
Must go, got to listen to the Mac.

Jeremy Clarkson what a guy

Someone I once knew told someone like you 6/10/2002
FOD still won’t let me post, blood pressure rising! So yeah
I ended up just laying awake in bed last night until 3:30
am when I finally decided to go to sleep. I woke today
around 8ish very Zombie like, however a cup of tea soon
brought me back to life, marvellous. I then spent the
morning revising for “Introduction to Logistics” and tidyed
up my room up and cleaned out my pet rat. Lunch in Snow
Hill again then towards 2pm I made my way to the exam room.
Annoyingly I had to wait outside for ages, it was well
worth the wait, as the exam hall resembled a car park. The
room had loads of exposed girders and a very high ceiling,
so yeah a car park with carpet in it. I found the exam
quite difficult at first, as I didn’t have a clue on the
definitions of Customer Service Levels, however by the end
of the paper I had really gone to town on some answers.

So far today I’ve felt like crying at least twice. Not
because I’m sad or anything just strangely my eyes have
felt quite watery. Lovely sweet Georgia left the exam room
in tears according to Gareth so maybe it was just some
physic connection.

Another thing that has happened to me today is I think I’ve
fallen in love. Just when I thought I couldn’t be attracted
to someone and had started a punitive search for a crush,
which resulted in elfin beauty Belinda, being chosen
despite being a most inappropriate target I’ve found

Yes fate made me stumble across a photo of Jen (Richards
sister) and I have just fallen in love. Although I’ve met
her just once I didn’t really feel anything but since that
meeting I’ve been thinking about her, quite a lot really.
However being out of sight and out of mind I haven’t had
the chance to appreciate her unquestionable beauty. Her
face. Her hair, her eyes, her complexion have just spell
bounded me she is something very special.

I hope that these feelings aren’t just confusion as I would
really like to get to know her better, she seems such an
amazing person and there aren’t many of them about. However
what ever becomes of me and my feelings towards her, one
thing will never change she is so beautiful I’ve never seen
beauty this way before. Alas Jen I love you. XXX.

I told the stars above about the one I love
I told the morning sun, yeah I'm telling everyone
I told my mum and dad, they seemed to understand
And I'll get through to you if it's the last thing that I
I told all of my friends again and again and again
I drove them round the bend so now you're my only friend
I told the passers by, I made a small boy cry
And I'll get through to you if it's the last thing that I
Everybody knows I live for you
Everybody knows I adore you
Everybody knows that it's true except you