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2002-06-11 13:53:45 (UTC)

New Week...

Well... yesterday (monday) was the beginning of my first
full week of summer vacation. It was the first time in a
while that i was actually up early enough to get mcdonalds
breakfast. Hell.. it was really good too. It was a fun day
as well. I joined Snives, Sacca, and Ash Gardner in a trip
to the Zoo. It was a little hot outside, but i had fun. I
also enjoyed the ride home from the zoo... with the racing
on the turnpike. After the zoo, i came home and then i took
a few friends to westmoreland mall with me. I got about 15
job applications...i filled them out... and i plan on
taking them back today. After that, we went swimming at the
thompsons for a little bit, but i made sure that i was home
by my 11 curfew. I fell asleep on the couch.

I woke up around 9 this morning.. and i was gonna go
running at the track... but i think i'll save my energy for
soccer practice later.