No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2001-06-18 06:40:39 (UTC)


hey! I got back from Mexico not to long ago. It was a
Missions trip with my youth group. Over 200 peple were
saved. We also cast a demon out of a guy. It was so
amazing. WE had an awesome time. I got to go rock climbing
with no shoes and got closer to everyone in my youth group.
God is so awesome. i was blessed more than the people in La
Paz. I met this really awesome guy named Daniel. He was so
sweet and caring. He was at the airport to say good-bye at
8 and i wasnt even there until like 9:30. He was so
awesome. too bad I dont go for long distant realationships.
America really sucks compared to Mexico. They are so nice
there. Well, I gatta go. Adios!