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2002-06-11 13:19:27 (UTC)


I've been doing a lot of writing lately, and I suppose now
I should use this as a back up if my mother ever desides to
steal my song book again. So this song doesn't have a name
but well yah.

Kill me softly while I sleep,
Do it carefully so I won't feel a thing,
but that won't really matter
cause in my heart I'm already hurting so bad
cause I no longer have you.

We used to rule the world
We were above everyone else
Our love held us so strong
but it doesn't matter cause
now its all gone

Whisper softly in my ear
assure me it's all been a bad dream
but even you can't do that
cause we've both been pinched
back into reality

So now it's time to say our goodbye's
I have cried my tears that didn't do a thing
So now all I have left is a memory
of you and me

chorus - No more love
No more happiness with you
Could my life get any darker then this

K heres a poem that I wrote

There once was a time

There once was a time
when I smiled everyday
There once was a time
when I loved life
There once was a time
when love was true
There once was a time
when life seemed worth living
There once was a time
when it was possible to get back up
There once was a time
When I was happy
But now that time has past
and time cannot be changed

Jason heres just a little thingy

ALways remember July 8th 2001
Never Forget April 15th 2002
Always cry on June 10th 2002

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