2001-06-18 06:14:24 (UTC)


her... when i see her face tons of memories come
rushing back... like a freight train smashing into my
chest. she treats me like dirt and then when we are
alone she seems fine... but then seems to change her

well yesterday she came over to my house, after the
beach, everone was goan we were both jst hanging out
like the friends we seems to be later she asks to use
the phone, she first calles home, then she gets up and
walks in to the kitchen i hear her ask for christie... then
she says she will call back... we watch the rest of the
movie.. and then starts to hang out and watch another
when she uses it again i walk by my room and hear her
ask soemone can u do em a really big favor? i pause
and think then keep walking... i guess she asked
christie her BEST friend to pick her up... she comes
back out we watch TV for like 10 min when she stands
up and says she getting picked up and shes gonna
wait out side when i stand up and walk over to the door
she looks nervous... i deside to let her tell me if she
wants and go and sit back down... she stands at the
dor and i hear a car in the street then a honk and fast
she runs out the door to a car... i hear her get in... it
leaves to turn around when i see it drive back by it isnt
the car of her parents and it is the car of christe...how
can she do this to me? i dont hold anything against
christe... why couldnt she ask me to give her aride
home what was her reason... and what did she tell
christe was the reason why she had to coem and pick
her up from my house... wouldnt u been courios if u had
to pick oyur friend up from her friedns house? hmmm...
i dont know if i can trust her or if i can comfront her...
Help i wan sending thsi out into the great void... so dear
void hear me and recieve my call