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2002-06-11 11:53:57 (UTC)


What is life for? Many people ask this question. Few
people ever find an answer. Is it about love? Is it about
money? Is it about family? Some would say all of it.
Some would say none. Life is up and down and all around.
To pin point one thing would be like waiting for a ship
that will never come in. If I ever thought she was the
meaning to my life, then the meaning just walked away. The
times I spent with her were some of the best times I have
ever had. She has a piece of my heart and that is
something that I have not given out to often. I will
always leave the door open to the possibility that we might
get back together. Can we be just friends? Well, thats
life isn't it? If I said that I couldn't do it, then I
must not be a very strong person. I know I will live life
without her. I've done it for 26 years up to this point.
Living life is what people do. We wake up and we go to
sleep. What we do in between is life. Time is coming.
Time to think. Time to plan. Time to organize. Time to
figure out where we are going and what we want to do. Life
keeps on changing. We must change with it or be stuck into
who we don't want to be. Choices come into our lives and,
for better or worse, we make desicions that affect our
lives. There are no real answers. We just choose and see
what comes out of it. I chose to try and love her. Now I
have to change with life and see what comes out of it. She
says she can't love me right now. Not ever? Thats a
question that only time can answer. As for now, staying
her friend is something that I want to do. I will always
care about her. If she ever needs anything from little ole
me, then I will try my best to help her. Staying in touch
with her is something I look forward to. I hate losing
friends. Her opinion means something to me and I don't
want to lose that. Its raining out today. Its ok though,
the weather always changes. People change. People move
on. People love. People love even though they know it
can't be shared right now. People live, thats what they do
best. What is the meaning of life? Who cares, just live
it. Take care. Love you, BYE!!!