still single

sick of all the sh*t
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2001-06-18 05:54:42 (UTC)

nothing new

Well I still miss Denis but I'm not gonna send myself
flowers...fuck it..why spend that kinda money and play
games.It's so stupid. I went to the beach today and laid
out with Silvana then went to lunch at Tio Leo's. Then we
came back and took Casey to Dog Beach...we came back and
smoked a bowl with Gustavo(Silvana's friend who is renting
a room at my mom's house). Didn't wear my wig slllll
day...wore a bandana instead.It was so wonderful.Said screw
it...why wear the damn thing if I don't need to? My main
goal right now is to become more self confident and
achieving higher self esteem.I want to really feel the "I
don't need a man to validate myself. Any man would be lucky
to have me.I love me." attitude...that sounds cornball but
I'm stoned and it's true. I hate being so jealous of that
new girl Jessica.And I am so afraid I'm gonna hear that
Denis is attached or dating.I think I can handle it there
if I never hear anything like that, at least not now.I
wouldn't be able to handle it without having at least a
minor nervous breakdown. Anyway I'm gonna smoke some more
chronic and watch TVand forget about everything.