A Word Dropped Careless on a Page
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2001-06-18 05:16:19 (UTC)

Base ingratitude

From me, anyway!

I have this desperate urge to write down exactly what I
think of people. However, their names have been changed to
protect the innocent (even if they do prove what a
vindictive toad I am)

Poundage: Comes across like a sleazy used-car salesman.
Congenitally incapable of taking anything seriously or
being honest. Uses people.

Emcee: Thinks really well of the people who treat him like
shit, and has less appreciation than he should of the ones
who genuinely care about him. Easily fooled by users - you
can screw his girlfriend and he'll think you're great, just
don't be nice to him or he'll think you're not worth it.

YumYum: Doesn't realise how blinking obvious she is. Will
do absolutely anything, including sell out all her dearest
ideals and contradict herself, to gain the approval of
Poundage. Has no idea how obvious that is either.

There, that'll do nicely.

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