2002-06-11 05:21:45 (UTC)

"Undercover Brotha"

me and mandisa planned a last-minute movie-outing on
friday. we invited katie, and then decided to invite pinky
and let some of his friends come along. reyna wanted to
come so she could go and see joe. well, as usual, mandisa's
ass didn't watch the movie. her and katie walked out when
we first got there. joe came shortly after, and pinky and i
started macking...which makes it the 12th time we
kissed...officiailly *am i sprung?* we kissed 3 times...and
the second time i wanted to do something different. so,
while his hand was on my back, i put it up my shirt!
mmm....i'm just waiting to lose it to that boy! forgive me
father, for i have sinned....