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2002-06-11 02:07:50 (UTC)

Another Today - hugging people is good

Today was Monday. I crossed the river over bridge. I seemed
to be a traveler with my bag. Most people did not worked
today. Because they had not much business to do.
At night in streets of my home town I hugged some people.
It was the way I was fighting against enemies and false
friends last year. They could tell lies but my hugs say
the truth. They could notice I am their friends and I
care of them.
Words can not say anything than sounds. But to do things
is what really minds.
I am hugging my truly friends and ignoring false friends.
Because tomorrow never comes. Sun crosses the skies and
people says another day comes.
Tomorrow a better day. And people smiles when looks at me.
Remember I am an Angel with a heart.