The Days in My Life...
2002-06-11 04:52:03 (UTC)

A day of Math, Tims, Dawdling and Craziness, what more can you ask for? A WHOLE LOT!! lol

Well..since I had the bright idea of drinkin 2 cups of coffee last
nite..I was up till 6am this morning readin and tryin to sleep.
Even after I slept...it was a very fretful sleep. And about 1pm today
Nan came up and woke me up to make sure I was still alive..lol

Danielle called..and wanted me to help her wit Math..magine
that...someone askin me for help wit math.. thats pretty damn scary.

So anyways I tried to help her as best as I could. Hopefully she'll
do good in her final.

Afterward I got ready and visited Jo. We called Amanda, hitched a
ride in Jo's bro's car (awesome car) and went to Tims. We dawdled on
the way back by throwin rocks, skippin, jumpin in puddles, runnin out
in the middle of traffic, etc..u know, the usual..lol We chatted wit
Candice and Derek for a bit and than went on again.
We examined the weird white stuff that covered part of the government
road and floated in the water. Than we made our way to Main St.
Convenience (after realizen Shoppers was closed) and purchased junk
food. Than we went home. I borrowed Amanda's catalogs, Nan always
throws hers out after they've been in the house for more than a day
(she thinks they've been there for years) and looked at the decoratin
stuff, I'm tryin to get ideas for my apt.
Than I watched tv in the room. In the time frame of an hour.. my nan
came in 10 times and said "Oh I didnt' know u were in yet..I thought
u were still out." or looked at me and said "Is April comin home
tonite? oh wait, u are April, when did u get home?"
My Nan is crazy.

Anyways..thats my day/night..pretty lame eh? oh well...I had fun.