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2001-06-18 05:07:32 (UTC)


she said. i think youre beautiful.
and i couldnt breathe.
you said i really love you.
and thats not something you have to believe.

i told you not to call me.
i dont want to know.
i said not to let me in.
because i know that ill go.
youre telling me to trust you this time.
that its not just you needing someone.
that youre not upset.
and you just want to be near me.
and how am i supposed to react.
so many times youve left.
and so many times youve come back.
i said not to call me.
i told you i needed security.
how am i supposed to believe.
and i am still hurting.
i gave myself reasons.
i fed you my crys.
again and again.
you lied.
you lied.
hurt and alone.
i stubled along.
finally i found my way.
and now youve come back
to take my home.
with your moonlit kisses.
and youre concepts of passion.
of lights and flowers.
of candy corn fashion.
you are my open flesh.
you tore it from my chest.
you scowl and pout.
and you laugh and retort.
with beatiful falsities.
you are a beautiful disease.
come and leave.
and you leave.
and you leave.
i always have so much hope.
and you always dont.