more human than human
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2002-06-11 04:29:38 (UTC)

Strange things are happening.....

It's weird when you feel like you're over someone who was
your life for two years. I mean, I think back, and I'm all
like "Wow. Two years ago, he took me to my grade nine
grad. He took me on my first real date. He was the first
person to make me actually BELIEVE I was attractive. And
now, it's over, yet it's all okay." A very short while
ago, this revelation would have crushed me, but
now....meh. He's happy, I'm happy, she's happy.....yeah, I
miss him, but of course I will. That kinda shit happens;
people are afraid of change. There were a lot of things he
did wrong, but there was a lot of things he did right.
Like hang christmas balls from the ceiling. Or carry me
over puddles. Or treat me like a human, even in front of
his friends. There must be other guys that are THAT
decent....possibly better...out there. I think I might
have found one, but I don't know yet. I guess I'll just
have to see what happens. Its all strange that I'm even
THINKING of dating someone me anyways. After
two years, you start to get comfortable in one place, you
know? But then again, I can never tell what HE'S thinking,
which goes back to my last entry, and the fact that people
hurt my head....


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