Reality Bites
2002-06-11 04:12:00 (UTC)

Can I do it?

Cheerleading sucked tonight. We learned ALOT and I kept
messing up and it was REALLY frusterating. It does make me
want to learn it more, but god its such a pain in the ass
going through the process. I really want to be good, and I
know it takes practice, I just want it now. It makes me
wonder if I can do it or not... I really want to go over it
and over it right now but my mom wants me to study, so I'll
do that instead. Then when I was driving home, I was
getting on the freeway and I almost merged right into
another car, and my mom freaked out and i was like seconds
away from tears because I already was frusterated enough
from practice. Luke is supposed to call, but I dont reallly
wanna talk to him. I need to loose weight, I need to learn
the dance, I need to study, I need to get things together,
I need to figure things out with Luke...