Living In The Dark
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2002-06-11 04:08:42 (UTC)

So Much Stress, So Little Time

I rarely ask myself if I am actually capable of juggling
the amount of responsibility I take on before I agree to
more of it.

These days it seems to be an ongoing and overlapping series
of issues and events to be dealt with. It has been a year
long project surviving living with my sister while she
builds a "relationship" with my ex-boyfriend. It has been a
year long project trying to convince myself that getting
married to my partner is a wise thing to do. I am a single
mother of three school-aged children who keep me in
constant check, AND in the meantime, I continue to manage
two jobs which leave me physically and/or mentally
exhausted depending on the phases of the moon.

Every few months I engage in the special assignment of
creating a peace agreement with my ex-husband so that my
children can visit with their selfish, no-good liar of a
father. I also end up filling all my "spare time" (see
Sleep) with minor events. In no particular order: Poetry
workshop, Career Day, Parent's group, finding a date for my
Mother, Bake Sale, teaching the kids three part harmony,
making lanterns and colouring rocks for the wedding,
packing to move, travelling to Washington to cash my child
support cheque, doing Mom's yardwork, writing a puppet
show, setting up (but not getting to watch) said puppet
show, did I mention I had a younger sister who was sleeping
with my ex?

I'm sure this all sounds like complaining but I am actually
just taking inventory. It's all my stuff, I bought it and
brought it home. I keep it on my shelf. And on my back.

As an assinine ass,
I ask, is an assigned ass as
Assinine as an asking ass is?