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2002-06-11 03:55:17 (UTC)

bleh, i'm a vampire!

Well, here I am, avoiding homework as usual. i should be
studying for my math test tommorow, but I really don't feel
like it at all. the mark means nothing to me now.

i finished off my demented capp projects and i'm feeling a
little better right now, knowing that it's only tests from
here on out.

i've been under so much stress lately. my boyfriend had his
tonsils taken out last week and he's spent from then until
now just sick as a dog. i've been pretty worried, but
everyone's thoughts should go to him, because we all know
how uncool it is to vomit blood.

my parents have been in alabama for the last week as well.
i'm of course hoping that they had a good time, but more
that i can get the house cleaned up in time for their
return tommorow. i have to pick them up at the airport and
i have no frigging clue of how to get there. oh well, i'll
figure it out.

so now, due to the heat, i'm sitting up in my loft without
a shirt on. (SICKOS!) it's just too hot to be entirely
clothed. yes, i've still got the bra thing going on.
anyway... ummm... i'll come up with a better update later.

Song: Mozart- Marriage of Figaro

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