2002-06-11 02:27:34 (UTC)

written 4:36, April 25. 2002..

written 4:36, April 25. 2002

well nothing happened today. Jackson tells me that she
dosent feel well and something shock
me, she said that she wants to...die... oh my god... Wasnt i
the person who says that?? 8-X Mike
wasnt here today. He still sick. Jackson going to be out
earily cause i think shes going camping.??????????????
and Miranda not going to be at school on friday. Some people
dont know me as well and they
can just not even KNOW THAT IM ON THIS WORLD..... So me and
Brittany M. are not talking to each other. After lunch, i
went in the bathroom and i saw Nika and i
asked her if Brittany said anything about me. And she said,
?i could go ask?? and i said, yeah. and
then when Brittany past me and Nika went to ask her. Nika
said to me that i dont listen to
Brittany M.?s stuff and im in another world when she?s talking.
Im like, ?WHAT A LIE!!! i tell her evey day that to stop
pushing me!! But dosent LISTEN!?

In P.E well like in the middle of p.e. I heard Mr. S said to
pick up the baskets balls and i just went
to the door to go music. I couldnt stand it anyone. People
making fun of me and peole not
knowing im there!! I just had to get away from there. So i
left. um gotta go