2002-06-11 02:22:37 (UTC)

written, 2:27pm, April 24. 2002..

written, 2:27pm, April 24. 2002

I gave the note to Mike. (BUT now i forgot i gave it to, to
give it to Mike.) While i was waiting for
Britt M. after band, (long time ago.) and Mike and one of
his friend came walking by me. And his
friend said, ?I read your note!? and i said, ?who cares.?
and then while Mike was walking he said,
?You were happy?? with a laugh. and then i said, ?You?ll
soon find my foot in your ass!? i said
pointing my finger at him. But then he laughed while he was
walking to the bus. I said, ?Oh wait.
its to small!? and thats was last of him. He didn?t show up
today. (sick.)

When it was lunch time, me and Anthony sat next to each
other. When he was done and i was
done, Mr. S. said for all the people who signed up for
basketball to met out side. So when
Britt. threw her tray away, i yelled out, ?I?ll met you out
side!? and nothing happened. She didnt
even say a word to me. After playing basketball i went where
Jackson, Jenna were. And Jackson
came to me saying that Britt. wants to talk to me. But
WHY?? i didnt do anything. And then
Jackson told me that Britt. had a note for me, but Britt.
TOLD jackson to read it
and she got it taken away, buy her teacher. After band,
Justin. (he was in my 3rd grade class.) i asked him if knew
that i liked Mike, and
he said yes. You know, he has cute eyes. (why am i saying
this.) well i gotta go