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2002-06-11 02:16:11 (UTC)

School Time***

nothing happen today. But i fell on my ass two times. One,
when i was in class and my chair got
pushed so i fell on my butt. At lunch, Brittany K., Anthony,
Brittney E. were eating lunch, and i
was right next to Brittney E. I felt so alone. Cause her
back was to me. So i had no one to talk to.
I really wanted to cry, but i hold it in. I didn?t wanted
anyone to know how i felt. First, i fell on
my butt, and then my friends don?t even think that I?m on
this world. . . I looked behind me,
there was Michael. Just sitting their. (alone. like me!) But
nothing happened. As he left the table
to go outside, i walked behind him. But still nothing
HAPPENED! He just looked at me, and then
in the ?boyz? bath room. And still Brittany . is still
getting on my nerves. When i was going to my class
she like pushed me right into Matt. And I?m like, ?What the
hell! was that for?? and she said, ?Um -
Nothing? with a laugh. And also that?s not right. And
first of all, she doesn?t think of the others
people feelings.
I wanted go now, cause I?m getting board out of my mind.


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