*Jill's Thoughts*
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2002-06-11 01:36:22 (UTC)

So much PaIN!

Man, I am so sad right now. Jay has been acting so weird
lately I don't know what to do. He doesn't know how bad he
is making me feel. I always though loving someone would be
so happy but seriously this is like one of the saddest
times in my life. I guess if he loved me back it would be a
lot different but its not so i have to get over this. I
know that he will never be mine. ahhh I just wish there was
something I could do to get him.

On a different note Kevin does like me and he is truely a
sweetheart. The only thing that is a big turnoff is he acts
a lot like Jay so its hard for me 2 like him. And another
thing is I'm scared that if I get a boyfriend...mine and
Jay's friendship will go down the drain...it seems like it
has been already and I am so scared to loose him as a

Wow....I had drivers ed today and I almost died!! It was so
boring. After that I had my Track banquet and I lettered so
I'm pretty happy about that to letter as a freshman. I
missed Kelly Carey and I saw her..I think we are going 2
hang out again soon!! Anyways Chelsea is coming over soon
and we are gunna hang out and watch some movies!! I will

XoXo, Jill