No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-06-11 01:28:19 (UTC)

pretty good

well, my father and I got into a huge argument last night
becasue I simply told him Lisa wanted to stay out of this.
Oh well.
My first day or ROTC pre-camp went well. I woke up early
(sleep is good...wish I had it) We ran, did guidon stuff
and land navigation. It wasn't all that bad...tomorrow is
drill. Next Tuesday (18th) I leave for summer camp if
anyone cares. I'll be back Tuesday the 25th. It's only a
week so it shouldn't make an impact on anyone.
I went to Jessica's brothers (Jamie) baseball game. Jess
and I had fun...lots of laughing. lol. It was great oh and
Vanilla Coke is good. I finally tried it.
Well, I am going to go do more interesting things online.