Paranoia Strikes Deep
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2001-06-18 03:37:55 (UTC)


Wow, well it seems as if I've got a reader already. Will I
crumble under the pressure? Ack!

Must. Calm. Down. I'm crashing - the caffeine high is
wearing down. Anyway - to the point of this entry:

I want to pose a question. Rhetorical or not, I don't
know. I guess a little background would be warranted here
before I dive in. I've been friends with a group of about
12 other women/girls for the past 7 or 8 months. We're
about as close as close can be - we e-mail daily, share
personal things, and help each other out all the time.

But what do you do when they start to bug the hell out of
you? It's not to say I love them any less, and I really
don't want to take a "break" from the group e-mailing
because then I'd be missing out on the good conversation
and support, and I'd have to "break" from the two or three
people that I *really* have connected with.

And now I must wonder - what would happen if they were to
read this? Bugger.

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