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Pillow Of Your Bones
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2002-06-11 01:01:51 (UTC)


well last night laurie and ____ (cant say her name in here
anymore!) said they dont wanna be my friends anymore.
*sigh* that makes 5. oh well i guess...nothing i can do
about it so im not gonna cry about it anymore. (which is
what i did for about 3 hours yesterday...:-/)
work sucked today. the 2 new pages were there. michael and
monica. monica was fat :-( and kinda shy. michael was just
really quiet. i dont like em. i want wubbles back! :'(
staff development day is wednesday. i gotta remember to buy
2 12pk of coke on the way to work tomorrow. i dont wanna
drive that far! grr! i hafta be in istachatta at 8:30 so
imma hafta leave my house around 6:30/7! :-( gah!
waldo was here when i came home. lol. he hasnt been here
for about 4/5 days. pussy. hes injured tho so i guess
everyone forgave him. hes got a lung infection and a
sprained ankle. poor baby. (note the sarcasm)
aww keeleys lil tree frog is squished. how sad. i think
shes actually gonna cry about it. she loved that thing.
miss kitty is gone. :'(. i think im gonna actually miss the
hag. shes been missing for about 4 days now. my mom called
the pound today and she wasnt there. shes prolly dead :-(.
she was getting old. we've had her for about 9 yrs
now...that means she was like 9 or 10. wow...its weird
saying i have 3 cats...ive had 4 for so long. :'(.
ahh...the bird just pecked my niece. lil bastard.
i think imma be a scrub tonight. depends on what im
well this entry was completely pointless so buhbye.

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