A Sex Hungry Slut
2002-06-11 00:47:19 (UTC)


Well... I finally ended up letting Keith come over
yesterday. I was just getting sick of him calling all the
time and asking all the time. So... i figured what better
way to get rid of him but to let him meet me. It seems to
scare off the rest of them.

Anyways... he came over around 7 or so... yeah in the
daylight. A definete first for me. Anyways... he got
inside my apartment.... and asked for a hug... he smelled
so good.. looked not to bad either.... and then in no time
at all he was kissing me and touching me. It was insane.
Anyways.. he's ended up staying until about 10 or so.

Once we got on my bed.. it was fun. I had a porn
playing... (justin's from the night before)... and we just
fooled around. I wouldn't take off any of my clothes...
and i only let him play with my tits for abit. And he
wanted to fuck me so bad.... and i wanted him to fuck me so
bad.. but i just wasn't at all prepared for him. He rubbed
me through my pants.. and asked me why they were so wet.
It was hot.

Anyways... i sucked his cock for quite awhile... then he
had me rub his asshole. And finally i got to lick his
asshole. At first I was abit grossed out but after I got
into it abit more... i went crazy. So that's pretty much
what we did for hours... i sucked his cock... licked
balls.. ate his ass... kissed him... repeat. Along with
him touching me and stuff.. us rolling around.. etc.

It was fun. Who knows if I'll ever see him again though.
I kinda hope so though.