Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
2002-06-11 00:23:05 (UTC)

Where the winds of a new begining blow

Today was boring like most days. Went grocery shopping
with father this morning. He said we'd be going by 10.30am
so I get up at about 9.30am. Well he doesn't get up till
11.00am so I'm stuck doing sweet fudge all for an hour and
a half. Engaged in some retro TV with I dream of Jeannie.
Some old film came on afterwards but I sensed its high
percentage of "wholesomeness" znd quickly changed the
channel. I can't believe how ridiculous movies like that
are. No time in history is THAT happy, so why did
producers make films that way. Guess times are truly
different now when compared to then. Still doesn't mean I
have to like it. Graeme texted me this morning about some
random FFX stuff. Even if this is trivial information, its
much appreciated since he goes to the effort of random
texting unlike the others.

I gave in today and bit one of my nails. I'm quite
dissapointed since I've managed to resist for so long but
it was my index finger with the freaky growing nail. I
think by the looks of it, it should grow back to normal
now. I had no idea why my body decided to mutilate itself
in such a stupid way. It could have at least cut itself a
lot or something, let the blood flow and all that.

I got Mars Ice Cream this afternoon, part of Iceland's big
deal of the week thing. I love it SO much. So sweet and
sickening, brilliant. I also had some cheesecake tonight.
The crumbly biscuit stuff at the bottom is pure magic. I'l
never lose this weight if I keep indulging myself with
such bad things. I'l have to eat bread and water for the
rest of the week just to work off the calories. Damn.

I deleted my web site today. Every part of it. Then I
started again. Namely because I remembered I knew html to
a moderate extent and I bought a book on html a year ago
and seldom used it. I might as well use £14 worth of
glorified toilet paper for some benefitial purpose. Not
that my website has a purpose. At least not yet. It's just
a main page and the start of a page about me. If I ever
get pictures of any of us doing anything, I'll put them
up. Of course I won't tell anyone I'm doing it because
everyone is so "Oh no, don't put my picture online." and
I'm like, "deal with it, you're far hotter than I am and I
don't bother." Some people are just so ridiculous.