something wycked
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2002-06-10 23:45:03 (UTC)

I created a monster!!! :)=

Music:Outkast "Jazzybelle"

Ok,so this is like my third attempt to write an entry
today,and my last!!If I'm interupted this time,I'm gonna
cut somebody.Brian came to my house at like 7:30am bangin
on my bedroom window.I am sooooo pissed at him.I didnt tell
him this morning,cause I was still trying to sleep!
Brian is OK sometimes,but lil buddy has some major issues!
At least I'm honest with him about it though.I think alot
of his friends aren't.This morning I was feeling kinda like
a toilet,when B came over unloading all this shit on me
before I even had time to get to my coffee maker.Now I feel
kinda like....ME...for the first time in I don't know how
long!Jennifer said she wants to get up with me sometime
tonite!!!!Talking to her was pretty much the hi-lite of my
day.Thats kinda sad cause I don't even realy know her that
well.I have a grand total of like 4 friends down here,so I must be
thankfull for every one that I can make.At any rate,all this drama
has exhausted me,so it's off to bed I go!!!

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