The Daily Babble
2001-06-18 02:50:18 (UTC)

The Weekend...Part 2

So there were a few things I forgot to mention in my last for instance,...yesterday [Saturday]...I got a
call from a very special someone...while I was making lunch
for me, Caryn and Jay, the phone rang..I picked up and it
was JUI! My lil 4 year old! {cousin =-) }..She was sooo
excited to talk to me cuz she was expecting my mom to pick
up. Oh she sounded so cute! I talked to her for a long
time and then to my aunt and uncle...Everyone passed the
phone around and I talked to her a second time also cuz she
got upset that I was talking to everyone else. She is soo
cute! I miss her soo much! I looked at her picture today
and regretted all the times I "fought" with her or when
she'd get mad at me and me at her. I hope I can see her

Another thing...well turns out, I won't be doing the dance
afterall...its too much trouble! But its not a big deal.

I also hung out with Vikas today cuz his birthday is
tomorrow. We talked about the upcoming wedding and his new
apartment. I'm gonna go to IKEA with him when he starts
shopping [soon!] for his new place, so that should be cool.

The major of my day has been spent writing my paper and
shopping [not that I got anything]...Ok so I think that's
all I wanted to say for now!