2002-06-10 20:59:47 (UTC)


I hope I hear something from her this week. Something,
anything will do. A page, an e-mail, I don't care, I just
want something. I don't care if she just says that she
can't speak to me right now. Even that would be good
enough for me right now. I wonder if she even checks this
anymore. Maybe they're not using the computer or maybe she
can't get in, I don't know. I just hope shes doing ok. If
she doesn't say anything to me by next Monday, then I'm
going to call her friend in Texas. Don't think I'm trying
to bother her, I just want to hear something, good or bad.
I took a bike ride yesterday. It was tiring and refreshing
at the same time. I got a little tan going riding without
my shirt on. I went from Moline to about Rapids City. I'd
say 20 miles there and back. Give or take a few miles. It
was just a perfect day to do it. I got off of work at 3
today. It was slow going til about 12:30, then UPS dropped
off a bunch of shit, I didn't think I was going to get it
done. I was giving myself writers cramp trying to finish
it. When I got home, I got a message from Kelly's. They
may have a job opening for me. Its on West River Drive
somewhere. Its a manufacturing job having to do with
hydraulic pipes or something like that. If I take it, I'm
going to tell the colony that I want a week off so I can go
back there if I just hate this other job. The job starts
at 6 and goes til 2. There will be some overtime and some
Saturdays. I'm just gonna hafta see what they say about
it. I'm not totally committed to it. The part I don't
like is leaving the job I have now for a job I don't know
anything about yet. Hopefully, I'll get an overview of the
company before I would start working there. I just hope it
isn't one of those sweat shops that works you til you
drop. If it is, then there is no way in hell I'm going to
take it. We'll see though. God I hope I hear somehting,
anything from her this week. It would make me so happy.
Good or bad, I care about her a lot. Take care of
yourself. Love you, BYE!!!