El Diablo
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2002-06-10 20:40:06 (UTC)

life is made up of days like this too....

dear diary,
Today I got my hands on some piece of information that
should not mean any thing to me now. I knew that it would
happen sooner or later. Better sooner then later I guess.
There was nothing I could do to prevent this even if I
wanted to. But still the moment I heard the news, I felt
this burning pain in my chest. It felt as if my whole chest
had been squeezed and the juice had been extracted. When I
was driving home, I almost had an accident at 120 kmps. I
don’t know what the hell is wrong with me. Why cant I just
let it go? What is it that I have to do to blank out my
mind of this agony that resides like a troll in me? It
seems to be eating me up inside. I’ve made every effort to
forget my past, my pains, my anguish, my grief but each
time it seems to come back to me.
My day started out perfectly. I went to the office. Had my
coffee brought in got to work
But atleast one good thing came from this today….. I now am
the owner of two “cross pens” :) …………….. before I heard the
news I had but one beloved pen and then just after…… it
somehow snapped into two in my hand ……

I guess i should stop this now cuz i think i am sounding a
bit too delusional.

-El Diablo