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2001-06-18 02:23:09 (UTC)

fathers day

today is fathers day-yay-sigh i have issues with my father
i blame him for everthing wrong in my life although im sure
its not his fault. i have a problem- ive been reading this
book, and ya know how u picture people you know in the
story? well i ramdomly pictured this guy i met once. for
some reason he has been on my mind like crazy all weekend.
the worst part is he probabally does not know who i am and
one of my good friends really likes him but he does not
like her. i should let it go considering i only met him
once - but he is so interesting and he blows my mind. in
six days i am leaving for vacation and i really need a
rest. i will miss my friends from school this summer
because i prob wont see them very often. i am planning on
spending the summer by myself. i like to be by myself a
lot these days. i find that there is a lot less bullshit
that way. o well im gonna go finish my book and think about
my secret guy lol -peace

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