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2002-06-10 20:06:03 (UTC)

every day lull

::currently listening to "short stories with tragic ends"
by from autumn to ashes::

well, not much is going on here. all is well. i'm bored.
it's pretty calm here at home, which i'm surprised seeing
as how my mom is back home. she is however, "sick" again.
*rolls her eyes* that's gotten so old. i dunno...she could
be sick, but that's the thing with her, she's a
hypocondriac (big time). she's been sick as long as i can
remember. even back in ft. worth when she used to teach
sunday school. bleh...even more motivation for me to NOT be
like her.
i can't wait until i can go spend time with my sissy and
cousins, lauren and karen. they're awesome. i hope mom
doesn't tag along. sissy said she'd cut and dye my hair and
peirce anything as long as it's ok with the parentals. my
mom only wants me to get a 2nd hole in my ear. she might
let me get a 3rd. she definatly isn't letting me get an
industrial, much less cartilage peirced. grr. maybe lauren
will give me an industrial. i'd prolly have to by the bar
ah, what day is it? cause my dad just walked out of his
room...i thought it was monday. is it sunday?? shit man, i
don't know. argh.
uhh...anyways...that's it for now i suppose. if anything
pops up i'll update. i'm so boring. lol


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