why me....
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2001-06-18 02:13:39 (UTC)

UGGGHHH I'm soo bitter

hey what's up nothing here... omg I am totally bitter right
now... ugghhh okies here's what going on:1. I have to go to
summer school,for MATH ughhh I got a D the highest freakin
D I ca nget and I get it... is it that hard to give someone
a break and give me a C-?? I guess.. well ya know what FU**
you!!! soo but what I might do is just repeat the course
next year?? ahhh I dont know??2. I requested days off from
work and the lady *after they lost my first copy of my days
off* was like I dont know if we can give you these days off
she was like if we cant we cant I was like can I get a big
what the MF??? but I love the pool so I dont want to not
show up and quit? ughhh what do I do welp I know its short
but gots to bounce peace

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