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2001-06-18 02:03:53 (UTC)


~* yesterday i had to go to my sisters dance recital and
to my brothers baseball party....I was supose to go to my
dads and he didnt know that we werent goin.We even passed
him on the way there oh well lol.My dad was pissed but he
got over it.Today i went over his house and it was fun cuz
they had a cookout type thing for fathers day.I didnt see
my dad like all day though but thats the good part.We
played volley ball and jumped on the trampoline and we put
the tramp under the net and did tricks over it.When i
say "we" i mean them bc i cant do ne tricks lol.Then we
chilled and joked around like usual and they kept askin me
questions like if i got a b/f and if i would go out w/
parker.He lives far away and i dont know him all that well
but hes cute and funny.I was gonna spend the night tonight
but my mom wouldnt let me.It wouldve been awesome!ne wayz its in the
past lol.Man im sad now cuz i wont be able to see nick in awhile.Eric
is bein weird this week...i dont know whats wrong.o i g2g the time

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