2002-06-10 17:02:49 (UTC)

soft in essence, purity came to me in a blissful dream...

and bade me follow sleepily to sights we few have never
in rings and echoes past we two, a singsong call did beckon
and with her heart looked at me, and saw me as a fellow
it seemed she was about to speak of other worlds and times,
and when i did awake at last, she lay sleeping next to me,
and with her heart she looked at me, and saw me as a
fellow being,
and in her eyes that gaze forever, is the deepest
of a long forgotten queen, in these dreams of mine,
and i often ponder who she may really be,
the soul of someone once close t me,
in these dreams of mine.

today is not so far a good day... i miss him today..and ive
been doing so good.. i have lost it.. and i cant do
anything, in my dreams, its him... even dreams of this guy,
he turns into him....i cant sleep because he's there.. i
cant cry, because "pretty when you cry" echoes in my head,
when i cut its "weak, weak, weak" his voice, and i cant
think of anything, last summer was so fucking perfect, and
his voice just echoing still, just put me inside you i
would never ever leave you, thats what makes me sick about
these boys at work, that they have what i would give
anything for, and they dont even care, dont they realize
that they should appreciate their girlfriends, fucking, i
would have never in a million years cheated on matt,
never, i would do anything for him to be happy and
successful and everything he wants to be god fuck this i
fucking hate him i fucking hate me i know i fucked it up
fuck fuck