foggy wonder

useless thought fog
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2002-06-10 16:14:25 (UTC)

the continuation of yay

More... I couldnt fit it all into one...

9th Grade: English with Chris Currier!, Jill Ames and
her "secret cover girl" thing, Ja'Nette and her struggles
with Tim, Health class, "stay away from parked cars... no
holding hands, its BAD!" TOO FREAKING FUNNY!

10th Grade: That party at Matt's house "rosebush", taking 4
englishes, Mr.Carr and all his stories, my first real
encounter with Teddy Alfano's humor, more fights with Howie
but always getting through it somehow.. radio dedications
upon radio dedications upon radio dedications!

11th Grade: Tim telling me that he was engadged and me
laughing my fool head off, the Andria/Mike saga, Jon
Spinny 'nuff said!, pottery class, pottery fights in
homeroom, Mr Harville kicking me out of history class,
Jimmy Hale-everything about him, foods class with Neal
Colby and Teddy Alfano, Psychology of the
Preschooler "Little Warrior Daycare", quitting JROTC, the
whole Jeff Fiasco

12th Grade: moving, very expensive phone bills, slime hands
flying around and landing on the ceiling, Andy's green
popsicle thing, being forever bored in Petrillos class,
Music Theory-everything about it, Cassandra making me laugh
endlessly in 2nd block, Megan/Juli/Jamie/Jenn in Doc's
room, NAPTIME, Jake, Jake, Jake... and Jake!

There is nothing that could represent that other than sheer
memories.. nothing..