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2002-06-10 16:11:33 (UTC)

yay... or something like yay

I dont know.. what is the stupid big deal about graduating?
It stupid that people freak out about it, cry about it, do
anything about it other than accept it. It is not a big
deal at all. You wear a gowny type thing, put on a square
hat and then get herded like sheep to where you sit down
for too long of a time and then finally you get to stand up
and get walk onto a little stage where sone one can hand
you a piece of paper in a little casing that is supposed to
make it special. WHY?! Is that supposed to represent the
past 13 years? How could it possibly? I mean really.
Nothing could possibly represent the past 13 years. The
first things that pop into my head are as follows...

Kindergarden: Mrs. Todd and her assistants, baking cookies,
making puppets, and the letter from "santa" and the "easter
bunny" that she sent home.
1st Grade: The 6th graders that were picking on me while I
was walking home... so I punched one of them and gave him a
bloody nose and they both ran off and never bothered me
2nd grade: David Horvath trying to shake my hand, which
made me cry because he was a boy.. and swimming at Melissa
Shawley's house, making whirlpools with Adam and Teasa in
the pool
3rd grade: breaking my arm by falling off my bike..
countless days with Amy Meservy playing stupid silly games.
4th Grade: Being terrified of Having "MR. Miller the
Killer" before school but having him be one of the nicest
teachers in the world. Also, learning that I had a talent
for writing.
5th Grade: Mr Gould Dumping out Jesse Farmers desk several
times because it was such a mess.
6th Grade: Moving to Palmyra for a year and meeting awesome
people... a huge crush on Chris Veilleux... going to
basketball games... Hanging out at Tasha's house ALL THE
7th Grade: Mr. Tardy's electirc machine, wrestling matches,
geography class... sneaking into Andria's home room to
catch a peak at Dwayne....LOL!
8th Grade: me and Tim going on double dates with Andria and
Jeremy.. Dwayne sticking a paperclip in the light socket
and describing it as a "schocking experiance" TOO FUNNY!
9th Grade: Countless fights with Howie in the JROTC
office.. Honor Gaurd! Paul Downing being a stand in Big
Brother for me... chinese food, candy fights, "why is there
a gobstopper on my keyboard?"
continues on...

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