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2001-06-18 01:03:39 (UTC)

Father's Day

Today is Father's Day, and I don't see any reason to
celebrate it. If only for my Grandfather, but that's about
it. I know this is harsh, but I can't forgive someone who
took his family for granted and abandonded us when we needed
him the most.

My sister and I had always suspected something was going
wrong. I was only 15 and my sister only 13. How dumb did he
take us for?

He made our mother suffer, and to this day, I don't think
that she'll ever get over it. She was betrayed, it's the
ultimate slap in the face. Did he think that no one was
going to find out?

Am I supposed to forgive him? He IS my father. The way I see
it is this: He may be my father, but I don't have to respect
him anymore. And to think I used to call him Daddy.

For Father's Day I wish for him some inner peace. The peace
to know that he hurt just more than Mom, he hurt the entire
family. I hope that he understands the turmoil he put all of
us through. And I honestly hope that he's able to forgive
himself, the way my mom forgave him. Because it will still
be a very long time before my sister and I can ever forgive
or forget.