The Daily Babble
2002-06-10 15:33:19 (UTC)

Bridal Showers & Dance Lessons

Well, the bridal showers were a success....The one I
planned was on the 1st of June and it went pretty well.
We had some family issues -- which was to be expected, but
things worked out in the end and Erica had a great time.
We had good food and I had a game of where I had asked
Anand some questions and we had to see how many Erica
would get right. Out of 31 Questions, she only got 8
wrong, and I have to admit, a few of those were trick
questions, hehe. But all in all, it went pretty well.

On the 2nd, there was a bridal shower that was thrown by
her bridesmaids in Hoboken. The food there was really
good and that was also a lot of fun. After that shower,
Neelam and I got together and worked more on our dance,
which is coming together pretty well!

The week is usually just me going to work and then rushing
to class! But that's ok. Luckily the class is fun and
not something really annoying, you know?

Friday was really great...I had to get "And Then There
Were None" to watch for my class and we decided to take it
to Jeff's house and watch. But first we had to go to the
hospital because his mom was admitted the other day for
heart pain! She's doing a lot better but she has to go
for all these tests! I hope she's out soon!!!....After
visiting her, we grabbed some dinner and then headed back
to watch the movie. It was totally old school and the
story dragged on forever, but it was a pretty good movie.
We hung out for a little bit after that ended and then I
headed home...All in all, a pretty good evening.

This weekend was pretty busy for me. On Saturday I went
to Edison with Anand, Erica, and my aunt. We had to get
Erica's bridal necklace, and get her bracelets for her
bridal dress. Then we had to pick up Anand's outfit.
After that we went back to their house and practiced some
garba which was pretty fun. They look so cute dancing!

On Sunday, me and Neelam went to meet with Vik to teach
him his part of the dance since he agreed to do a verse
with us, so that was also fun and he picked up pretty

Other than that--nothing too exciting. =-)