Steva's Life
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2002-06-10 15:27:07 (UTC)


Ok, well, I had a party on Saturday night, i felt that
it went quite well, There was a good Crowd that came, i
felt that it was to many but it was nice to see the people
who came, but next time i think that i'd rather have it
be like 4-5 not 14-15, Becuase then i just feel that i'm
not being left out of everything,
Well first of all, I had spent almost 400$$$ on Assorted
things Mainly Alcohal, I had asked people to bring a
little money becuase i couldn't afford to do that all the
time, The people who actually Brought things were my
friend carol and jeff, Other people came and just enjoyed
everything not thinking to bring things or money.
I can understnad if you don't have money but the thing
that could happen is you could get a job, I'm sorry if
i've hurt anyone in this but i just have alot on my mind.
Like i don't mind jimmy and chris not bringing money
becuase they brought somthing eles. So that was ok.
Like i had passed out really early, Because i shouldn't
have taken anything more witch i did and had a bit to much
to drink, So i just hit that point and passed out. Then
there was someone who said "Steve would be the only one
who would have a party and pass out 5 hours before
everyone eles. " i don't know who said it but i really
didn't enjoy hearing about it after everyone left.
If you were the one the one that said it then please tell
me so i know who you are,
Going off the Subject of the party,
I GOT IN TO ANNIE GET YOUR GUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!
Now back to the other thing.
Well people had said i can't wait for the next party....
well the next party won't happen unless i have people
bring things or give me donations to buy stuff.
I mean any amount of money is fine or any amount of stuff
for the party is fine, I mean i really enjoy getting
drunk as much as the rest of you the thing is i can't
afford 400 $ per party, i mean i do have alot left from
the party but still.. I mean i probly over bought but
still i had no idea how many people were going to come and
who was going to bring stuff, Like Tonya had brought her
shot glasses so she's off the hook. but there were other
people. I mean it really isint that hard to bring
somthing, i mean splerge for 2 dollor bottle of soda, or
a bag of chips or a 6 pack of beer or somthing... that's
why i like smaller party's, Becuase then i know who's
there and i know who drank and i know who said what.
so... if no one comes clean on things that are said then
that's how it will have to be. I have an idea of who it
was but i'd really enjoy having that person come clean.
Because if you do then i might not have to narrow it down
to just the 5 people that i enjoy having at the party's
and keep it at like 13-14-15 people, i mean i really
enjoy having lotsa people but it can get annoying. But i
love you all, I just want to know what was said painful
to me. But i hope you'll all come see me in annie get
your gun! july 3rd through july 20th or so. if you want
info Let me know!

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