The Life and Troubles of an Orange Peel!
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2002-06-10 15:14:28 (UTC) fun fun..

Well ok i went to Evengola this weekend for a
reanactment..and OMG i had soo much fun!! ROCK ON MEGAN!!
yah and we of course cant forget THE GOAT MASTER!! and
always..Megan, Dan and I have a "Love Triangle"!! it is the
BEST! Dan,Megan Lil'Dan, and I all took my mom's van and
Big Dan drove both ways and it was fun, and then today i
get to go to Megans and go in her pool after
fun fun in the sun sun sun/ pool pool pool!!!The best part
was when Megan and I got captured in rebel Camp my the
BITCH SPY!!!ha ha and then the look on her face was
priceless, but it was great, b/c she couldnt find anything
on!! ya ya ya! life was good..ever so good..the
only thing that sucked, was the going to bed really really
late at night/ early morning, and getting up at 6:30 in the
morning..i ammmm sooooooo veryyyyy tired!! i basically came
this close --- // from falling asleep...and of course my
mom actually let me drive and i am really tired so this
isnt a good it isnt!..oh well i cant wait until
Gettysburg!..i am sooo looking forward to that! ya ya ya
there is going to be like 3 to 4 rows(maybe more) of
sutlers ALONE!! and that the smallest number of people ever
to go was sometinh like 15,000 people...WOW THATS ALOT!!oh
well i am soo tired no so i am going to go to
slee....zzzzzz...*AHH* im awake..i mean going to and check
out other stuff on the web *PORN!*, just kidding..or
am I!? hmm well as seeing that i am on a school computer i
cant and i dont do that anyways, unless its a porn video
with Libby,Sean, Ashley, and Will..then we can make an and of course are buyer of
porn....JAMI!! lol..ok well i am going to go buh
Love yall