Muh Life.. Muh Thoughts... Muh Dreams...
2002-06-10 14:34:59 (UTC)


I am at school right now... it's the last three days.
Thank God. I have nothing better to do. So.. umm yea. I
guess Imma have some people write some stuff in here. I am
in a WAY better mood than I was yesterday. I've decided
that I don't need them.
James: Hi...
Nicole: Hey Brynn and who ever else reads this............I
hope everyone had fun this year and I hope you have no
regrets because that is the worst thing to live with. I
hope you enjoyed your life and if you die tomorrow you will
know you lived it to the fullest. With X's and O's this lil
cutie is out lyke whoa........
Love Always,

Danielle: It's been a crazy year and I'm going to miss
everyone over the summer. I'll see most of you guys next
year but some I won't. Like Addie and some others.I hope
you guys make friends quickly at your new schools and if
you don't you know that you'll alwayz have friends back
here at Byrd High, Middle School class of 2002!
Holla Back,
JOhn John: Wazup Brynn, I've known you for a long time, and
it's been nice knowing you! Stay smart in school and keep
your head up and you will make it in life when you get
older. Remember me always!!!! Holla

Ly:This site is so cool! This year went by pretty fast but
the important part is that it was a great year! Keep up the
good work in soccer and in school and in Spanish and in
writing. Enjoy your summer and I wish you the best in high
school and in the future! :)
Your friend,

Alton: Hey Brynn, it has been a fun and crazy year. August
29th, I did not know you. But, now I have found a great
friend. Even though we had our hard times, we still
maintained our cool. Now, as the year is coming to a close,
I am writing to say thank you for being a good friend.
Hopefully, I can meet at the high school and you will stay
Holla @ yo boi,
Alton (Jimmy Dean)

Later ya'll

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