My Life.............
2002-06-10 14:14:58 (UTC)

well, Bill is back, so probably..

well, Bill is back, so probably wont see Bobby for
awhile.:( ill get pushed back even further now, bobby cant
seem to have to many things going on at once, its either the
beer or me, now its beer and bill, in a way i dont mind, i
will have some time for myself..............
I talked to holly lastnight, found out when my niece had
the kids on friday there was some trouble, apparently my
older sister's father in law went nuts and hit her with my
nephew in her arms, and the baby was dropped, now thats just
what my niece tells us, and D. has a mark on the side of his
face, it doesnt look like he was dropped, to me it looks
more like a burn, youd think if he was dropped he would have
a bruise, i dont know but im not to happy about it, i told
my sister she should go to the police and tell them she
wants to know exactly what happened down there on friday, i
know those people are mean, when i lived down there the
mother in law hit me once and my sister's husband grabbed me
by my hair.....
i dont feel sorry for my sister at all, she married into
that family shes been there for years, she could leave, she
knows how they are, id be taking my kids and leaving, my
niece told my younger sister that she wants out of there,
that shes tired of it, if i knew child services would do
something about it id call them, but, i know they would just
visit, and talk to everyone and see that everything is ok,
but, if they saw my nephews face they would know something
was wrong, what kind of man would hit a woman, and with a 1
year old baby in her arms?!?!?!?!? and he called my sister a
slut and said that my family is no good and apparently he
did it right in front of my 6 year old niece, it makes me so
mad, these people go to church every week and act like they
are good people, they cover up alot, if people could only
really know who they really are!!!