my pathetic life
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2002-06-10 14:14:27 (UTC)

friend killer

yeah well last year after christmas one of my friends moved
to boston. after 8th grade we ended up going to different
high schools so durring the year i didnt see that much of
him. he was a really cool guy and i liked him a lot. the
times that we did see each other were really fun. never the
less when he moved i was really sad. the day he was
supposed to move me and my other friend went to his house
to see if he was still there. his whole family was there
and the moving truck was still loading up so we figured he
would be around. well he wasnt, his parents said that him
and his older sister had gone to boston early. i was really
bumed and thought it was extremly akward that his whole
family was still here but not him and his sister, who
doesnt even live with them.

a couple months after he moved me and a couple friends
started to talk about him and one of them said that he had
run away the day they were supposed to move. and that his
family stayed here late trying to find him and that he rode
all the way to boston in hand cuffs. then they went on to
say that he had some kind of liver condition. he had holes
in his liver and that if he had alcohol he could die. that
made me really sad, he had done a lot of different drugs
and had been through rehab and i was upset.

then a few days ago i ended up talking to one of my friends
who i havent seen in a couple months for about an hour. it
was strange cuz we hadnt seen each other and he had changed
a lot. and once again my friend who moved to boston came
up. i asked him about the whole liver thing. he said that
the both of them had taken these corcedrin (if thats how u
spell it) cold and cough pills. u have to take around 10
pills to get high off them. they gave u a really good high
so they had done them a couple times. after he told me that
i just sat there stunned. i told him about those pills, i was the one
who told him that u could get high off them. it was me. yeah he was
the one who decided to take them but it was my fault. i was the one
who put those holes in his liver, i made him sick. what the heel is
wrong with me, two of my friends could have gotten seriously hurt, or
killed. it would have been all my fault. i could have killed two
people that i care about.

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