Autumn Always
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2002-06-10 07:16:18 (UTC)

Too much cookie

I spent a large amount of my time today playing PST 2 and
eating chocolate. And why not damnit? It's sunday. Er well
it was a few hours ago. I got my information on school
today wich is really cool, I'm really hoping to start on
the 17th but it doesn't look like that's going to happen
because I need 142.00 worth of books. I have no idea how
I'm going to pull that off. I still have to go groccery
shopping tomorrow. I was going to today but I decided to
stay home and nest insted. I need to get "Real Estate Math
Study", "The Vocabulary of Real Estate", "The Language of
Real Estate" and "Up And Running In 30 Days." *sigh*.
*looks up at God* We'll see. Grrrr. I hate stress. I think
I have a sugar headache to boot. I'm going to bed.