pensive problematic

a thought in the mind of her
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2002-06-10 07:05:34 (UTC)

this is mine...

take your bottle of ecstacy
and place it on a table
leave it for a life of melancholy.
look back on your bottle everyday
and fall back hard into your dejection.
realize that all
and i mean all, have a black cloud to call their own
locked in a glass window, hidden under ground,
kept in the back storage, held hostage by bliss for the
moment...some have escaped and linger over never to leave,
but what ever the case may be,
know that rain falls on everyone
everyone has their share.
if yours is a storm of chaos and carnage
take it in, to swallow it whole is to live off of all you
do not release what you consume, save for the virtues of
what you honestly deserve. the goodness of what you want.
do not wear the mask of your avenger, for you will become
what you yourself have despised for as long as your cloud
has hung low and high...