No Excuses

Pillow Of Your Bones
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2002-06-10 05:20:57 (UTC)


a tru friend: someone whos there for u no matter
what...even if ur fighting, even if u treat them like
shit...someone that would do anything to cheer u up when ur
sad, that u could tell anything to and really, truelly
trust them to never tell anybody no matter what...someone
thats always there for u, even if its been awhile since u
ang...almost 13 yrs now. i feel like shit for not
bein as close to u as i should be. but u kno ill always be
here (even after high school...ill always keep in touch). i
luv u so much. u the only person ill ever be able to be
this close to. u kno EVERYTHING about me...even if we dont
talk for months at a time.
and thanx jay...and mike...and dre and bob. for
thinkin im cool even tho im not (and i have fat arms and an
annoying laugh lol).
and kristi, laura (lps forever) and ryan...