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2001-06-17 22:51:10 (UTC)

Very Sick!

Well, my fiance' went to the hospital last night with abd
pains. It turns out that he has acid reflux..Between his
heavy beer drinking 24/7 and his (x-tra special) bar-b-que
sauce, that has contributed to his reflux..Anyway, he asked
the doctor about the (STD) trichomoniasis..The dr told him
that they (the hospital) doesn't treat guys for trich..Doc
said that men already have it in their is like
women already have yeast in their systems and too much
causes a yeast infection!:0 It is the same with me doc
said..So I say to him well how am I going to know if you
can't give it back to me again??The dr said it is in men's
urethra..And it comes out on its own (peeing)..Somehow this
doesn't make any sense to either of us at all!!!I
mean "trich" is a parasitic std :-0 Anyway he went to work
this morning after missing 2 days..