Nicky's World
2002-06-10 04:03:45 (UTC)


i am so confused.... why does life have to be so
comlicated? really.

i just want everyone to know, I LOVE YOU!!!

i really don't know, what is wrong with me? it's like
everytime a guy even gets close to me i have to run alway.
every guy that has asked me out this year i have just been
like, ummm i don't know. then later i regret it. it sucks!
i wish i could just like go back and time and change it.
but i can't. grrrr.

today i went to church.

then i went to brandon's house to go swimming but everyone
was done swimming by the time i got there, so i didn't go
swiming cause i didn't want to go alone. but it was kinda
fun i guess. this guy got hit in the balls and like stayed
on the ground for like 30 min. it was kinda funny.

i went to k-mart. i got my picture back from camp. yay.
they ended up coming out really well.

then i went to wal-mart. nothing really happened there.

then i came home. and ate dinner. wow what an exciting day,
in the life of nicky! i sware, i should have my own tv show
or somthing.

well i'm going to e-mail some people now so
bye bye!