worthless lil painslut

my submissive life
2002-06-10 03:54:18 (UTC)


Master hoses me down while i'm wearing a bathing suit. He
then takes a shovel full of sand and dumps it down inside
the front of my suit and another one down the back. The
sand sticks to my body and my suit rubs it into my skin. i
have to wear the sandy suit all day. i'm not even allowed
to remove it to pee. When i have to go i must pee in my
bathing suit while squatting over the ground. Master takes
one more shovel of sand and dumps it deep into my suit so
it covers most of my pussy and ass. The irritation of the
sand will be with me all day.

Master then has me grab my ankles as he grabs his cane.
SWISH. CRACK. i jump a little. "One Sir." He tells me
to hold still. SWISH. CRACK. "Two Sir." SWISH. CRACK.
Again i jump at the cane's sharp bite. "Three Sir." i am
warned aain to hold still or recieve additional strokes.
Seven more until he is done and my ass is on fire.

Master has me weeding his garden today. Before i start he
spreads honey on my legs and arms so ants and other insects
will feast on me while i work. i'm not allowed to brush
them off and must tolerate their bites without complaint.

i finish in time for lunch and only then does Master wash
off my arms and legs, which are now covered with bites.
The dining table has a small hole in the center of it where
the two sides slide apart. i kneel under the table and
place my head through the hole as Master slides the table
back together. The table looks normal now except for my
head sticking up through the center of it. My head is
trapped and as my hands are cufffed behind me i can't pull
the table apart to free myself. i watch Master eat. Once
in a while Master feeds me pieces of food. Usually dipping
them in hot sauce or vinegar first. To wash it down he
pours some of my own piss into my mouth. He fills my mouth
and has me hold it without swallowing for 5 minutes, my
bulging cheeks aching. Finally i am freed.

As i finished my work this moring, Master says we can spend
the afternoon playing. Master leads me by my collar and
leash into the backyard. He tells me to crawl from one end
of the yard and back as fast as i can. He times me. 1
minute 33 seconds. Now he takes out his cane again. i am
told to do it again faster. i get 1 stroke of the cane for
every second over 1 minute 20 seconds i take. i crawl
faster this time. i make it in 1 minute 15. Master takes
the can and before i can ask why begins cracking my ass
with it. "Ow. Ow. Master. What did i do? Ow. Ow. Stop.
Please. Ow." He says he told me to crawl as fast as i
could the first time, obviously i didn't if my second time
i did it 18 seconds faster. He gives me a total of 18
strokes. Now he tells me to do it in 1 minute flat or my
ass will really be cracked. i do the laps again. 1 minute
12. He gives me another 12 swats. My crying and screaming
annoy him so Master stuffs a dirty old rag into my mouth as
he finishes the strokes. He tells me to try again. i know
i won't be able to do it in 1 minute flat but i can't
explain that to him or beg for mercy as i am gagged. i
attempt the impossible. 1 minute 20. Master is angry. i
am terrified as i look pathetically into his eyes. i'll
never be able to take another 20 licks. Master understands
my fear. He says my ass will be spared. Relief.

But my pussy won't. He grabs a knife and cuts the crotch
of my bathing suit. He has me lie on my back with my legs
bent back over my head and spread wide. 20 strokes on my
pussy with the cane, i am glad to be gagged. SWISH.
CRACK. Searing pain. He makes me get back into perfect
position before delivering the next stroke. SWISH.
CRACK. The cane comes down on my pussy like the wrath of
god. i scream into my gag and tears pour out of my eyes.
He waits for me to get back into position. All 20 come
down hard and perfectly aimed. When he is done i can
barely stand up and walk.

Master sends me into the basement for our next game. He
puts me in the electric chair. i'm strapped down and the
electrodes are attached to my nipples. He removes the
gag. He turns the TV on in time for Jeopardy. We each
have a buzzer. If Master buzzes in and answers correctly,
my left nipple is shocked painfully. If i buzz in and
answer wrong, my right nipple is shocked. After the first
round my left tit has been zapped 15 times and my right one
9 times. For double Jeopardy the voltage is increased and
the shocks last for 3 seconds. This round Master got both
Daily Doubles right and so my left nipple got two shocks
for each one. At the end of the game my left tit got
another 21 zaps and my right one 8. Master is winning. He
gives me a pen and paper and loosens my wrist enough to
write for Final Jeopardy. If i win this, i am freed and
the game is over. If Master wins, he gets to spend all of
Wheel of Fortune torturing my tits in the electric chair.
He wins.

First he takes a couple minutes zapping my right nipple so
it catches up to the left. He then ups the voltage a
little more. i'm not allowed to beg him to stop since i
lost, but i can scream and cry, which i do. He shocks one
tit, then the other, then both. Sometimes he shocks one
for 30 seconds then surprises me with a quick zap to the
other. My whole body convulses with each shock and my tits
are throbbing. He asks me which nipple he should shock
next and zaps them both if i don't answer. He shocks my
right nipple for so long that i beg him to switch to the
left. He asks his pet what she wants. "Plase shock my
left tit Master." A painful zap on the right. i say it
louder. "Please, Master. i beg you to shock my left
tit." He laughs and calls me a painslut. He wants me to
say it. "Please Master, this painslut begs you to torture
her left tit." He does. Finally, time is up. Maybe after
dinner we'll play some more.